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The CheckMate™ Mammalian Two-Hybrid System


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Two-hybrid systems provide powerful methods for detecting protein:protein interactions in vivo. The two-hybrid system, originally developed in yeast, has been adapted for use in mammalian cells. Promega recently introduced the CheckMate™ Mammalian Two-Hybrid System, which allows protein:protein interactions to be studied in the cell line of choice. In this article, the CheckMate™ Mammalian Two-Hybrid System is demonstrated in HeLa, NIH3T3 and CHO mammalian cell lines, as well as used to confirm in vivo association of the cloned Raf-1 kinase and oncogenic Ras proteins.

Promega Notes 66, 2.

Elaine Schenborn1, Lisa deBerg1 and William Brondyk2

1Promega Corporation; 2Ares Advanced Technologies

Publication Date: 1998

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